UAB “Gaubėja” established in 1995, having leather and fur salons “Odos IMPERIJA”, sell qualitative products that are designated both for the customers having exclusive taste and for the masses. We sell the products made of furs (mink, astrakhan, fox, rabbit, nutria, etc.) and real leather. Garment collections are attractive in their appearance; they are fashionable, designed by the best Western Europe designers and are designated for the people of various ages.

The professional collective of “Odos IMPERIJA”, working for a long period of time, will introduce you with the newest fashion tendencies; in addition, they will help you choose the best suited model during the visit in our salons. If you were unable to find a desirable size or colour, it would be ordered within the period of three-four weeks. Our professional tailor collective will help you renew old clothes using our or customer’s raw material, therefore your product will be attractive again and happily worn. We work so that you felt comfortably and looked stylish!

Yours respectfully, Administration