Recommendation for the leather care:

  1. Before you wear any leather clothes, sprinkle it with a special impregnator, which has to be sprinkled 3 times in a turn, waiting for the surface to become dry.
  2. Leather products are made of various leather types (chamois leather, smooth, patent-leather, reptile, etc.), therefore you need to choose and use the appropriate detergent cleaners that are designed only for the leather. Our collective will always advise you and choose the appropriate detergent cleaner for you product.
  3. You need to hang your item on a wide hanger in order to keep up a form because a narrow hanger may deform shoulder line.
  4. Carefully use perfumery and hair care products for they can damage leather surface.
  5. Do not dry the item by the radiator or fireplace because of heat leather becomes hard, therefore the product has to be dried under natural environmental conditions (room temperature). The room, where the item is hold, must be dry.
  6. Clean the dust or stains with a soft, a little bit wet sponge or cotton-wool. Do not clean it with a stiff or rough item for it can scratch the leather surface.
  7. Thin and soft skin, from which the garments may be creased, especially if disorderly folded or compressed upon sitting. You can iron out any wrinkles if they appear. Take a piece of fabric (silk would be the best as it gives vitality to the leather) and put it on the leather face and iron it (set the iron on the lowest temperature). Do not use steam. The product must be dry before the ironing.
  8. The product can be 1-2 times in a year lubricated with a special cream for the leather. Then the leather rejuvenates, fabric regains the lost polish.
  9. If a product tattered or deformed, it is highly recommended contact with the specialists of “Odos IMPERIJA”.

Recommendation for the fur and sheepskin care:

  1. During the season keep the fur products in cupboards the less you can because cold, sun, winter wind simply improve their quality.
  2. If the fur coat, when you return home, is wet – shake them and hang in a place with good ventilation.
  3. The fur coats can be dried only in a room temperature and as far from the radiators as it is possible. You need to shake well the fur coat until the fur becomes light or comb it with a metal brush (except astrakhan) if the dried fur hair stuck together or lost their shine.
  4. Do not often wear handbags over shoulder for they tousle the fur.
  5. The fur coats must be hanged on a firm and wide hanger where there is enough space so that the fur is not scrunched up.
  6. The fur can never be kept in a plastic bag; for if it is kept there for a long time the fur can change its colour or fall out as a result of a comprised damp.
  7. In order to save fur coat from the clothes moth, put orange peel or tobacco leaf in a cover. Do not spray any chemicals preventing from the clothes moths.
  8. Cleaning of fur fats and stains: prepare the temper from spirit, vinegar and water in fair doses. Moisten the necessary place with a prepared temper with a help of a sponge or brush and afterwards clear it with a clean piece of fabric.
  9. The sheepskins can be cleaned with a rough brush, piece of caoutchouc or with a dry crust of a white bread (it is unsuitable for the sheepskin with a silicon coating since the silicone surface is not permanent and therefore because of a mechanical influence it can rub away).
  10. Sheepskins with a silicone coating must be cleaned with water or special cleansers.